Sterile Processing

Sterling P1000 Washer Disinfector

Worry-Free Compliance While Saving Time, Money, and Space
The Sterling P1000 washer-disinfector streamlines and automates the decontamination process – bringing unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility to the Sterile Processing Department.
Skytron Sterling P1000 Washer Disinfector facing the right no background
Skytron Sterling P1000 Washer Disinfector in medical setting with medical personnel
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Lit Up Basin 470x500
Water Conservation
Water Conservation
The P1000 uses 64% less water and chemicals than other washers.
Custom Cycles
Comply With Your Medical Device IFU’s
With 40 fully customizable cycles and intuitive touchscreen controls allow for editing parameters for pre-wash, wash, rinse or dry phases.
Conserve Space
Maximize Your Efficiency
The P1000 has a smaller footprint and offers more throughput than other washers.