Clinical Products

For the OR & Beyond
Our purposefully designed solutions are driven by end-user feedback and technology development. Not innovation for innovation's sake but thoughtful blueprints built around safety and efficiency. Never idle, we strive to remain relevant to ever-evolving clinical demands. Our feature sets and performance options will meet budgeted and specified requirements.
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High Performance Every Time

We understand time is important to you. With your high demands for performance on every case, our clinical solutions are up to the task. Our equipment will keep your OR, ICU, and Hybrid Room running smoothly and efficiently at a competitive price.

Explore our Clinical Solutions and find:

  • Clinical lighting ranging from surgical to exam
  • Surgical tables including a market-leading top slide model
  • Storage and support equipment
  • Four arm boom allows shoulder-to-shoulder coverage

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Please note: Not all products are available in all countries.