Efficient and Sterile Environments
Our architectural system offers a hygienic and healing design for any clinical environment. Our leading solution is great for surgical units, but also suitable for all hospital departments that require easy to clean surfaces with flawless quality. Equipped with a self-supporting substructure and a variety of materials and finishes, our solution is certain to set your facility apart from the rest.
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High Quality Hygienic Environments

Looking for an upgrade in your Operating Room but don’t have to the time for a remodel? Our EASE Wall System offers flawless quality and reduced downtime to speed up the remodeling process. Create a hygienic environment within your rooms that helps prevent bacteria with our rounded corners and flush surfaces.

Explore our selection of Architectural Solutions to see how we offer:

  • Long-Term Vision
  • Customized Room Design
  • Hygienic Environments
  • Quick Installation Times

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