3603 UltraSlide

More Top Slide and Power in One Table
Take the work out of imaging. Offering the most top-slide in the industry, the 3603 UltraSlide also offers the lowest table height at 20.5 inches. Surgical positioning has never been easier with the removable back and leg section allowing for easy and efficient accessory attachment.
Skytron 3603 product image no background
Skytron 3603 Ultraslide product in use no background
Market Leading Top Slide
Simple Patient Imaging
Capable of 26" top slide at a full articulation capacity of 800 pounds, the 3603 UltraSlide Series will remain secure for patients of larger sizes. Its extensive capabilities not only make patient imaging simple, but also eliminate the need for risky repositioning.
Float Top Control
Simplify Full Body Imaging and Patient Positioning
The 3603 UltraSlide Series makes full-body imaging easier. At the touch of a button, patients can be effortlessly moved through the imaging window. The low-profile base stays clear of the imaging equipment, providing hassle-free C-arm access.
Versatile Positioning Options
Surgical Positioning Flexibility
The 3603 UltraSlide makes positioning and setup a breeze with a removable leg section.