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3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your Next Surgical Table
  • Written By
    Rebecca Kinney
  • Published
    July 1, 2024

At Skytron, we believe communication, performance, and quality should all be considered when purchasing your next surgical table.

Medical professional sitting, examining woman on surgical table

When it comes to a surgical table that meets the demands of your Operating Room (OR), it can be tough to know what matters most. Of course, you need a table that works for your patient’s anatomy as well as the surgery being performed/patient positioning for the case, but what about the extraordinary surgical table features that take things to the next level? In this newsletter, we are going to dive deep into three considerations to keep in mind when purchasing your next surgical table.

How is the communication?

We believe the highest-quality surgical table can help elevate communication in your ORs. Maybe you’re asking yourself right now how that is even possible. Of course, the ideal standard is great communication, but how can a surgical table help our team achieve that?

Our Skytron GS70 Salus surgical table is designed to support great communication among high-performing teams, and here is how we do just that:

  • Easily set Surgeon preferences with custom articulation limits
  • Improve patient safety with a verbal alert when positioning may create a tipping hazard • Increase safety with intelligent accessories that reduce collisions
  • Achieve perfect patient positioning with visual articulation graphics (Trendelenburg, Tilt)
  • Support best practices and continuous improvement with patient position timers
  • Immediate warning for table notifications are clearly described on the table touchscreen
  • Support research and continuous improvement using captured performance data

How is the performance?

When we think of surgical tables, of course, the performance matters. If you’ve ever been scrubbed into a case with a malfunctioning table, you know how much that can inconvenience the whole team. Running to the extra parts room in a mad scramble to find an arm positioner that holds or a stirrup is less than ideal. We believe that your ideal table can support a broad range of cases and enable flexibility for your teams. We also believe that the best-performing surgical tables have the following features:

  • Smart accessory attachments
  • Automatic adjustments and articulation parameters
  • The ability to recognize select accessory engagement
  • Surgical and Imaging Access
  • Industry-leading table slide and articulation
  • Exceptional patient positioning options
  • High articulating weight limits with the industry-leading top slide
  • Flexibility and versatility to support any general OR procedure
  • Powered split-leg and removable head, back, and leg sections
  • One-touch beach chair articulation
  • Wired and wireless pendant control

How is the quality?

At Skytron, we create clinically superior surgical tables that are meticulously engineered, focusing on long-term, safe operation. These tables feature the best brakes in the industry, designed for unparalleled strength and durability. Brake lock indicators provide clear visual checks, ensuring the table is secure for both patients and staff. Constructed with thick, robust stainless steel, these tables are built to last for years, resisting cracks and enduring rigorous cleaning.

The design includes flush fasteners that minimize the snagging of table drapes or pads, making table preparation more efficient. Skytron’s elevation columns are renowned for providing a solid and stable platform for surgeons, creating a safe environment for patients. Unlike ordinary hardware, the hydraulic valves are specifically crafted for surgical table articulation, enhancing performance and reliability.
Skytron tables are known for minimal downtime, reducing the frequency of non-use tags and part replacements, ensuring continuous operation. Furthermore, we lead the market in the 10-year total cost of ownership, offering unmatched value and durability over the long term.

We aren’t just here to talk about what differentiates and makes our products unique, we want you to ask potential vendors about what makes their surgical tables a little different. You can do so by asking things like:

  1. What is the average lifespan of your tables?
  2. What kind of service support is offered if the table malfunctions?
  3. Can we talk to another facility that uses your tables to get feedback?

Asking questions like this will help you feel like when you do invest in a surgical table, it’s the correct one for your facility.

At Skytron, we believe communication, performance, and quality should all be considered when purchasing your next surgical table. You shouldn’t have to decide between one or the other when you can have it all. We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. The Salus GS70 can check all of the boxes. It was named after Salus, the Roman goddess of safety and well-being.

To learn more about this table, visit Skytron | Salus GS70 or if you have product-specific questions, reach out to our subject matter expert David Walton at, or to learn about all our table options visit Skytron | Surgical Tables