GS70 Salus

Setting the Standard for Safety in the OR
Meet the Guardian Series, the next generation of surgical tables from Skytron. The GS70 Salus was designed with staff and patient security in mind. Named after Salus, the Roman goddess of safety and well-being, the GS70 operates under that pretense with its unique features by keeping the OR Team informed and safe before, during, and after surgery.
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Increased Safety
GS70 offers verbal communications for many warnings like extreme articulation and table brakes unlocking. This keeps the OR team informed at all times.
Cost Effective
Fewer Damages, More Savings
The GS70 detects the installation of table accessories when installed on the leg section. The table calculates its relation to the floor and prevents collisions.
Monitor And Report
Track Data Information with Ease
Support research and continuous improvement using captured performance data.
One-Touch Pendant Control
  • Up to 5 customer programmable positions
  • Reverse or standard orientation modes
  • Position timers provide critical information
  • Go from wired to wireless by simply unplugging your pendant control
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Freedom in Positioning

Powered Split Legs can be positioned independently or together using the table’s hydraulic power.

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Accident Prevention

Weight sensing brakes provide stability information to keep your patient and staff safe.

Weight sensing brakes provide stability information to keep patients and staff safe
Analytics Stored and Easily Accessed in One Place

Color touch screen provides back up control and additional data.

Color touch screen provides back up control and additional data
Quality Matters

Skytron clinically superior surgical tables are built from the ground up with long-term, safe operation in mind.

• Best brakes in the business – designed for exceptional strength and durability
• Brake lock indicators – giving teams clear visual checks to see if the table is safe for the patient and staff
• Robust, strong stainless steel lasts for years without cracks and stands up to tough cleaning
• Flush fasteners limit catching of table drapes or pads, simplifying table preparation
• Skytron elevation columns set the standard for a solid, stable platform for Surgeons, and a safe environment for patients
• Hydraulic valves designed specifically for surgical table articulation – not from the hardware store
• Less downtime – a table tagged for non-use and waiting for parts is of little value
• Total cost of ownership – Skytron is the leader in 10-year total cost of ownership

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