Sterile Processing

Sterling C2000 Cart Washer

Increase Productivity with Faster Process Times
The Sterling C2000 Cart Washer streamlines and automates the decontamination process – bringing unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility to the Sterile Processing Department. The C2000 is engineered to be environmentally friendly by conserving water, energy, and chemical consumption using its built-in control functions and water recirculation system.
464x451 C2000 Rendering Skytron Larger
C2000 Trolley
Trolley 2
282x500 C2000 Melbourne
Water, Chemical, & Electricity Conservation
A lower usage in water, chemicals, and electricity with faster processing times results in an overall lower cost of ownership.
Quieter Work Environment
Noise level will never surpass 63 dB, which is equivalent to general office activities or a conversation.
Maximize Your Space
Custom construction is not required as the Sterling C2000 Cart Washer comes in 4 different sizes. Instrument cycles are optional to augment productivity.