Leg Support
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Without the demands of outside investors, we do not have to rely on steady service revenue to inflate our financial reports. Instead, we are able to concentrate our efforts on product development and innovation. The result is quality solutions with lower life-cycle costs.

Orthopedic (OrthoTrax)

P/N 6990

Ortho Trax Cart P/N 6990-500

Achieve flexible positioning and imaging accessibility for orthopedic surgery. Our Systems are uniquely designed for lower extremity and hip procedures and can be attached to any Skytron general purpose top slider surgical table. This system is ideal for imaging equipment can can easily be adjusted according to patient size and positioning requirements with our carbon fiber leg spurs.

Heavy Duty Split Leg

P/N 4-030-61

Keep your staff and patients safe at low position levels with the Heavy Duty Split Leg accessory. Ideal for bariatric support, this accessory can support up to a 600 lb. patient on the 3600 series table and helps keep the patient in place without relying entirely on nerve-damaging straps with integrated pelvic tilt seat. It can also provide better patient access for the surgeon.

Universal Split Leg

P/N 4-030-60

Foot Rest
P/N 4-030-04
Foot Rest
P/N 4-030-01
General Tilt Seat
P/N 3-040-12
Hyperlight Leg Extension
P/N 4-030-43
Transfer Board (Pin Type)
P/N 4-030-20
Transfer Board (Side Rail Type)
P/N 4-030-18
Flex Fit 2 Stirrups
P/N 4-090-16
Versa Fit Stirrups
P/N 4-090-17
Levitator Stirrups
REGULAR P/N 4-090-03-1
HEAVY DUTY P/N 4-090-03-1HD
Lithotomy Stirrups
P/N 4-020-02-4
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