Security Clamp for Accessory Attachment
Whether you need to clamp rounded or flat bar accessories, add a side rail to your various extensions, or upgrade from your old “Clark Socket” style clamps, Skytron has the options to meet your needs.
Schure Socket
P/N 6-040-11
Spring Loc Clamp
P/N 4-090-15
6" Clamp-On Rail
P/N 6-070-07
Clamp-On Rail for Pediatric Extension
P/N 4-030-42-9
12" Clamp-On Rail
P/N 6-070-07-3
P/N 6-040-03
Universal Side-Rail Clamp II
P/N 6-040-12
EZ Grip Bar Clamp
P/N 6-030-05-1
Bar Clamp - Standard
P/N 6-030-01
Standard Bar Clamp
P/N 6-040-10
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