Lucina 4
Recessed LED Exam Lights
When you need light in a specific area, Lucina 4 delivers. Setting up for a procedure has never been easier because of Lucina 4's easy to use remote that syncs up light movement. Lucina 4 offers better site visualization and reduced shadow created by caregivers.
Simple Spot Positioning
Featuring Skytron exclusive strobe-guided technology, the Lucina 4 positioning wand ensures that the light and caregiver remain focused on the patient.
Creates a Comfortable Environment
Mounted flush with the ceiling, the Lucina 4 ensures that each clinical space remains comfortable and less intimidating for the patient.
Saves Time and Money
Energy efficient, long lasting LEDs produce brilliant, color correct lighting for a variety of clinical settings.
Focus Right Where You Need It
Learn how Skytron's Lucina 4 can assist in keeping the light and caregiver focused on the patient.
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