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SkyVision Ascend IP

Built for the Future Digitally Interconnected OR
SkyVision video integration systems work alongside staff to improve surgical workflow, leveraging technology for high performance and efficiency. The SkyVision Ascend IP is a powerful video switching and routing system with a wide selection of inputs and outputs controlled via a Touch Screen or Tablet.
700X730 Ascend IP Updated Screen
700X730 Ascend IP Updated Screen In Room
700X730 Ascend IP Updated Screen
Simple to Use
Elegant user-friendly interface & easy drag and drop routing
Unlimited inputs and outputs via IP switch configuration
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Future Proof
Vendor-neutral system for video and imaging devices & fiber optic infrastructure
Uptime Guarantee
Time Management
Instantaneous routing & single-user interface to control all devices
Cost Effective
Financial Savings
Reduced footprint, deployable in or out of the OR & quick install equals reduced room downtime