Clinical Business Intelligence
OR Cockpit
Improve Patient Safety and Staff Productivity
OR Cockpit is a real-time visual management solution designed for the surgery department. This intuitive software’s purpose is to improve patient safety, reduce risk through increased protocol compliance, and increase operational efficiency. Active visual cues, departmental reporting, and real-time communication are available right at your fingertips to add immediate benefits to your department and create positive behavior change.
Easily Access Information
Working in real-time to get you the information you need, right when you need it.
Safety for Patients and Staff
The use of real-time analytics, monitoring, and reporting allows staff to continuously develop and improve their quality of care and patient safety while staying in protocol compliance.
Increased Department Efficiency
Access relevant case information in one location including scheduling deviations, utilization, and block time efficiency.
Feel Confident and Create Positive Behavior Changes

The OR Cockpit provides accessibility at a completely new level, allowing each team member to have real-time, relevant information so that the entire team feels empowered to course correct behavior change. Patient Safety and Efficiency Indicators allow teams to view their successes as well as their areas for improvement. These, in conjunction with the automated reports and analysis, can help motivate staff to achieve new levels of efficiency and quality of patient care.

“The OR Cockpit helps monitor and visualize items that traditionally were not visible for the whole team and helps them be responsible for those numbers.”
John Drake, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
Singing River Health System

Surgical Safety Checklists

Configure surgical safety checklists to ensure completion per the World Health Organization, Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, and the Joint Commission recommendations to ensure optimal patient safety. All of these relate directly to patient wellbeing and their outcome.

Door Movements

Maintain inside operating room environmental parameters by minimizing unnecessary door movements, all while limiting noise and distractions, letting you focus on the task at hand.

Environmental Parameters

These parameters are monitoring key aspects of the OR environment such as ambient temperature, humidity, and differential pressure. This ensures recommended in-room environmental parameters are maintained during the procedure for the greatest patient safety. This visual easily identifies when parameters are out of range for immediate action.

Patient Safety Indicator

A composite score of several key patient safety parameters. When compiled, they provide an indicator of how well the guidelines, as a whole, are being followed. It can help keep the surgical team alert to any potential shortcomings throughout the procedure, which helps improve patient safety and outcomes.

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