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UV Smart ECD

Countertop Rapid UVC Device
Achieve ultimate UVC cleaning power of your personal belongings in as little as 25 seconds. The UV Smart is a simple-to-use solution to clean your high-touch items like cellphones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, and so much more.

For pricing on the Skytron UV Smart ECD, please reach out to your local representative.
Simple Addition to Workflows
User-friendly design and portable making it easy to integrate into your existing space.
Reduce the Risk of Germs
360-degree cleaning on high-touch items like mobile devices, remotes, keyboards, and more.
Peace of Mind
Ensures a consistent and powerful cleaning in 25 seconds.
Keep Your Personal Items Clean and Sanitized
The Skytron UV Smart countertop device provides 360-degree disinfection on high-touch items. Watch how the UV Smart ECD can be a simple addition to your daily workflow.
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