Architectural & Environmental
UV Smart ECD
Countertop Rapid UVC Disinfector
Achieve ultimate UVC disinfection of your personal belongings in as little as 25 seconds. The UV Smart is a simple-to-use solution to disinfect your high-touch items like cellphones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, and so much more.

For pricing on the Skytron UV Smart, please reach out to your local representative.
Simple Addition to Workflows
User-friendly design and portable making it easy to integrate into your existing space.
Reduce the Risk of Germs
360-degree disinfection on high-touch items like mobile devices, remotes, keyboards, and more.
Peace of Mind
Ensures a consistent and powerful disinfection in 25 seconds.
Keep Your Personal Items Clean and Sanitized
The Skytron UV Smart countertop disinfector provides 360-degree disinfection on high-touch items. Watch how the UV Smart can be a simple addition to your daily workflow.
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