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Celebrating 50 Years in Business, Skytron Unveils a New Logo!

Skytron, a healthcare efficiency company, has been leading innovation in healthcare for 50 years. They have been family owned and operated since its inception and is a market leader in surgical lighting, surgical tables, and boom technology. In celebration of this rare milestone achievement, Skytron has introduced a new logo, symbolic of innovation and our path forward to reach new heights.



In 1972, Skytron introduced the idea of bringing a new type of surgical light into the U.S. market. This focusable surgical light quickly gained the favor of many surgeons and nurses in the United States. This was the first of many solutions, that today represents a comprehensive portfolio of Clinical, Sterile Processing, Architectural, and Clinical Business Intelligence solutions.

Dave Mehney, Skytron’s CEO said, “We are excited to embark on our next chapter here at Skytron. Embracing change while staying focused on our core values and vision will continue to produce innovative solutions that drive safety and efficiency in healthcare.”

The new logo subtly captures the road ahead as well as where we started. Customers, both new and old can expect the same level of personal detail moving forward as they always have counted on.