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Are We Buying an Innovative Healthcare Solution or a Mistake?
  • Written By
    Rebecca Kinney
  • Published
    August 30, 2022

Are We Buying an Innovative Healthcare Solution or a Mistake?
4 Questions to Ask Before you Invest

We all know that the landscape of healthcare looks very different today than it has historically. As Skytron celebrates 50 years as an organization we have always believed at our core that superior and pioneering solutions will remain the main driver to continued success in the healthcare arena. That said, how can you validate new innovations and trust that technology investments and innovations you are looking to acquire are not a mistake?
We don’t have the golden ticket that will guarantee success as the landscape of care continually evolves, but we can tell you if you’re not considering change and innovation for your system, you will likely wish you had entertained the options available sooner.

When investing in new solutions, whether they are technology-based surgical devices or new surgical technology, in general here are 4 key questions to ask yourself as you undergo the decision-making process.

Is the company you’re partnering with dangling a shiny object or providing a long-term solution with adequate support?

It can be easy to cave into the pressure of the surgeon’s specific request for the latest and greatest. To see the newest technology available and immediately want to be a part of the group that acquires cutting-edge technologies before another healthcare system. It is imperative to calculate the projected total cost of ownership. What will this investment cost once all the supporting devices are purchased and the service of the device is added in? How long will this investment last in our operating room, and is it an investment that will bring in additional revenue to our hospital over time? It can be tempting to immediately dive into the process of getting approval for capital equipment that is shiny and alluring, but we must step back and ask ourselves will the shine dull and become obsolete quickly, or continually bring value?

What does the implementation and onboarding process look like?

New technology and devices whether they are software-based, robotic, or otherwise are very necessary to continue to keep pace with demand and growth. That said, what will the onboarding process look like if you partner with this vendor? Do they have a streamlined process that will ensure minimal disruptions, education to all necessary staff involved, and continued local support to your facility once the sale is complete?

What key decision-makers need to be involved in the decision?

The conversation to acquire new tech and equipment in your facility started with one clinician or department, or one very viable need. However, the conversation must extend to all supporting departments and happen early on in the decision-making process. Some departments to consider may include; infection prevention, sterile processing, supply chain, BioMed, economic buyers, surgical teams, and both economic and technical buyers. The conversation should not ever only involve one physician or a single board. Of course, purchasing and financial teams come into the limelight for approval, but often times all supporting roles do not end up included in the discussion and the repercussions can become mounting down the road.

Does the proposed innovation align with regulatory guidelines and ultimately lend to more positive patient outcomes?

Lastly, all new technology and surgical devices have to pass FDA and CDC clearances to become approved for sales in the first place. Yet, the biggest question of all is this: will this device lend to better patient care, and can our facility meet all regulatory guidelines upon acquisition? Consider whether or not your facility has the appropriate reprocessing equipment and if they can effectively execute the instructions for use that partner with the acquisition. This is simply one of many examples that need to be front of mind.

Healthcare organizations should always be looking to pioneer new and innovative solutions that can improve patient care. However, it’s important to ask yourself a few key questions before moving forward with any new technological innovation. Will this be a short-term shiny object or a long-term solution? What does the onboarding or implementation of this innovation look like? Who are the key decision makers who need to be involved? And finally, will regulatory issues arise as a result of this change? By considering these questions, you can help ensure that your organization is making decisions that will elevate patient safety as a top priority.

The costs of ignoring innovation and new advancements in technology are steep. Yet the cost of not properly vetting technologies and the chosen organization’s support to you pre- and post-acquisition could end up being even more costly in the long run. We believe that you can confidently take two steps forward without continually having to take one step back. Skytron has some great new innovations on the horizon that can help advance clinical and patient safety. Our core values include; partnering philosophy, integrity, superior & pioneering solutions, and long-term focus. One way we have expanded how we can serve you is our recent partnership with Arthrex. Our mission is to provide clinically superior equipment for our healthcare customers. By listening carefully to our customers and working as one team with our sales representatives and manufacturing partners, we provide quality solutions with lower life-cycle costs. We are here to serve you and aid your healthcare facility as you advance and continually evolve your own healthcare solutions.

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