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Skytron and Surfacide Combine to Create the Strongest Portfolio of UVC

September 16, 2019

Skytron and Surfacide Combine to Create the Strongest Portfolio of UVC Infection Prevention in the Healthcare Industry

“Healthcare providers know UVC works and are now looking for solutions with the greatest combination of performance, versatility and cost savings. Our new portfolio delivers on all three,” says Dave Mehney, CEO of Skytron. “Our new portfolio can support everything from the local surgical center to a large regional hospital and everything in-between.”

Skytron and Surfacide are combining the innovative Surfacide UVC system with Skytron’s existing broad portfolio. With three emitters, flexible programming and whole room, single cycle treatment, Surfacide UVC technology offers comprehensive and thorough UV treatment cycles proven to reduce health care related infections. Skytron’s single and double emitters complement the line with solutions to fit a broad range of disinfection needs – applying Smart Dosage, for single cycle whole room disinfection. The Skytron 3200 Max offers a powerful solution in the industry, while the 1140 x and 2280 Syndicate give tremendous application flexibility including treatments for ambulances and aircraft. This relationship initially includes North America with plans for further expansion to follow. “By partnering with Skytron we can extend the proven Surfacide solution to even more customers faster than ever before,” says Gunner Lyslo, CEO of Surfacide. “Customers want to consolidate their suppliers, so by partnering with Skytron, we provide one place to find the strongest UVC portfolio alongside Skytron’s successful lines of Clinical and SPD solutions. We are confident customers will find the most efficient and effective solution based on their specific needs.”

Skytron Summary

Skytron is a specialist in healthcare efficiency, and has long been a leader in delivering efficient, versatile solutions that support caregivers while saving money for their organizations. With a focus on increasing the utilization of people, facilities and capital, Skytron offers solutions in Clinical and Sterile Processing as well as Business Intelligence designed to provide real time information to improve process cycle times and improve quality. Skytron’s mission is to provide clinically superior equipment for our healthcare customers. By listening closely to our customers and working as one team with our distribution and manufacturing partners, we provide quality solutions with lower life-cycle costs. Our objective is long-term relationships with our customers, business partners and employees. For more information, call 800-759-8766 or access

Surfacide Summary

Surfacide provides an evidence-based, automated UV-C disinfection* system that data indicate is effective against multi-drug resistant organisms including C. diff, MRSA, VRE, CRE and Acinetobacter. Our approach is different. The Surfacide system utilizes three emitters to treat exposed surfaces in direct line of sight with a single, automated cycle.

Surfacide, LLC designs and manufactures UV-C infection prevention systems. The company’s mission is to help minimize healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) by developing effective technological solutions for treatment of hard-surfaces. Surfacide’s evidence-based solutions target the reduction of pathogens and other causative agents of infectious diseases in healthcare settings, with a primary focus on the control of “superbugs” such as C. diff, CRE, MRSA, VRE, and Acinetobacter. For more information, call 844-390-3538 or access

*The reduction of pathogenic bioburden

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